So Pure Moisturizing Overnight Treatment

So Pure Moisturizing Overnight Treatment

  • 275,00 kr
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What it does:

Restores the natural hydration and shine during sleep. Repairs split ends and leaves the hair silky soft. Strengthens, moisturizes and balances the hair. The aroma experience offers body and mind the feeling of well-being and luxury

Why it works:

The hydrating effects of Palmarosa oil reconstruct the damaged hair and detangles. Ylang-Ylang balances and Argan oil provides Vitamin A and E and strengthen and moisturizes the hair. Infused with micro proteins from wheat and Moringa seed for deep penetration into the hair. Paraben & sulfate free and colorsafe.


Moisturizes during sleep, repairs split ends and rinse out in the morning.

Apply to wet or dry hair.