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firewood, smoke, charcoal, palo santo and hay

Sometimes you have to burn everything down to start new. Notes of dry hay and black coals with a lingering accord of juniper berry throughout the burn of this modern, smoky scent.



rose, tuberose, oakmoss, and smoke

Cinderose exposes the sinister side of the familiar. Notes of rose, orange blossom, and jasmine are mixed with smoke, cedar, and birch tar to create a scent both beautiful and troubling.



cannabis, suede, white musk, tulip and amber

Green, bright, and a wisp of delicate floral. As the cannabis flowers and brushed suede warm-up, the amber accord grounds this dank and intoxicating scent. A permanent favorite.


*Boy Smells products don't contain actual cannabis.



black currant, peach blossom, jasmine rice, cardamom, and white cedar

In the French language, LES is the plural article used for both masculine and feminine.

It is also the acronym for one of New York City’s most vibrant neighborhoods—picking up on notes of rice powder, peach blossom, cardamom, cedar, and Asian pear, to name just a few of its many notes. All in all, this scent is an unexpected, non-binary, cross-cultural exploration—embracing the eclecticism that is the Lower East Side.



oakmoss, fig, plum, vanilla, and yuzu

Oriental notes of yuzu and Asian plum play dominant roles to create a fruit-forward scent. Grounded in earthy oakmoss, it remains feminine and lush. 



frankincense, saffron, redwood, poppy, and pomelo 

Redheads are rare and fervent, much like the ingredients in this namesake candle. Grounded in redwood cedar, notes such as frankincense, amber, and cashmeran add a regality. Vetiver and ginger add spice, while saffron and poppy add an exoticism.



celery stalk, cumin, oud, patchouli, pepper, blackberry, and saffron

This candle is named after its foremost ingredient, celery stalk. It’s a fresh fragrance that’s both botanical and earthy, thanks to its roots in parsley and purple carrots. Cumin, oud, and patchouli mixed with peppery top notes, while blackberry and saffron round out the middle. This is a farmer’s market instilled in wax form.


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